Spit Roaster

Rystar Smokers design and manufacture custom spit roasters for commercial operators and backyard pitmasters. Rystar Smokers can manufacture gas-fired spit roasters or charcoal spit roasters using top quality components and fine craftsmanship.

The design below is a Rystar Smokers spit roaster designed and manufactured for a spit roast catering company.


This unit is 1400mm long and has a spit motor capable of turning 100Kg or meat. All made from 1.6mm mild steel. The rear cover is vented to allow heat flow. The fold-away handle  and wheels enable easy transport in the back of a catering van. Top cover is removable for transport. Unit is supplied with spit forks, counterweights etc.

Below is a more detailed tour of the design of this commercial gas-fired spit roaster manufactured by Rystar Smokers.

Spit-roaster-6 Spit-roaster-3 Spit-roaster-5 Spit-roaster-7 Spit-roaster-4 Spit-roaster-2 Spit-roaster-8 Spit-roaster-1 Spit-roaster-9
22mm spit with 1400mm long chamber.