Smoker Pits

Rystar Smokers have standardized the design of our offset smoker pits to provide all the features a pitmaster requires in a competition or commercial quality smoker pit. From this basic configuration we are able to apply a broad range of customizations to make each pit unique to your individual needs. Plus we make them look great! View the image gallery below to take a tour of our base model smoker pit (can take a moment to load).


conventional-flow-smoker-pit-1 Rystar smokers 2017 conventional-flow-smoker-pit-3 conventional-flow-smoker-pit-2 20160815 104342 20160815 104412 20160815 104402 001 20160815 104541 20160815 104502 20160815 104611 20160815 104652 20160815 104625 20160815 104828 20160815 104711 20160815 104843 20160815 104815
Rystar Smokers standard backyard model smoker pit.


Each smoker pit whether conventional flow, or reverse flow comes with the following features as standard:

  • 6mm thick steel for maximum heat retention and even temperatures.
  • Fully flanged firebox and main chamber doors.
  • Counterweighted main chamber door.
  • Stainless steel ‘cool touch’ handles.
  • 2 high quality temperature gauges with protective surrounds.
  • 2 slide-out grill racks in the main chamber.
  • Firebox top access door with additional firebox grill plate.
  • Heavy duty fire-grate.
  • Additional fire-grate for the main chamber for charcoal grilling.
  • Adjustable dampers on firebox, main chamber and flue.
  • Smoke diffuser plate and tuning plates.
  • Expanded metal work surfaces.
  • Fat drain with ball-valve.
  • 500mm diameter main chamber and firebox is standard size (any diameter available custom).
  • 800mm long main chamber (customisable).
  • 400mm long firebox (accepts standard size firewood).
  • Angle iron trolley with wood rack.
  • Heavy duty swivel wheels with brakes on one end, custom designed, lasercut wheels on other end.

Our basic, conventional flow smoker pit is $2950. Basic, reverse flow version is $3950. Lead time is generally 2 to 3 weeks depending on the customization required.

Examples of our common customization options are:

  • Dallas style damper.
  • Slide damper with shaped cut-out (e.g. Australia, football team logo)
  • Main chamber end door for easier cleaning.
  • Additional temperature gauges.
  • Tel Tru temperature gauges.
  • Alternate hinge designs.
  • Custom metal name plate (your name, logo etc).
  • Drop-down front work shelf.
  • Temperature probe ports.
  • Additional grill plates.
  • Stainless steel punch-plate grill plates.
  • Fire poker.
  • Ash scraper.
  • Wooden door handles.
  • Electronic temperature gauge.
  • Height adjustable charcoal grate.
  • Internal meat hangers.
  • Briquette basket for firebox.
  • Butterfly flue damper.
  • Additional sides for wood storage rack.
  • Stainless steel work surfaces.
  • Square tube trolley.
  • Square top firebox with grill plate and hatch.
  • Heat shield under firebox.
  • Rough terrain wheels.
  • Custom-made steel wheels (non-swivel)
  • Tool hangers
  • Longer chamber.
  • Larger or smaller diameter chamber.
  • Additional storage shelf under main chamber.

Rystar Smokers can also design and manufacture trailer-mounted smokers.