Smoker Pit Fuels

Rystar Smokers stock a range of high quality fuels for your smoker pit, charcoal grill, Weber, fire pit or any other appliance.


Rystar Smokers stock 19Kg bags of Australian Gidgee Wood charcoal. Gidgee wood, an Australian native, is the hardest wood on earth. The charcoal made from Gidgee wood is the highest quality available and is sought after for its wonderful aroma and long-burning properties. Gidgee wood charcoal is also known for burning up to 4 times hotter than other lump charcoals making it very economic to use.



Rystar Smokers can supply high quality, well-seasoned woods for your smoker pit of fire pit. Species we stock are:

  • Ironbark wood.
  • Pecan wood
  • Apple wood

We can also supply just about any other woods on request. All of our woods are sustainable sourced from the granite belt in Queensland’s South East. Smoker wood can be supplied as split logs, chunks or chips. Ironbark supplied in 20Kg bags. Fruit woods and specialty woods are in 15Kg bags. Very low moisture content is guaranteed.