Smoker Pit Parts and DIY Parts

These are spare parts for your smoker pit or parts you can buy for you own DIY smoker pit build.

Stainless Steel Cool Touch Handles


These handles are CNC would from stainless steel spring wire to our own design. 150mm long and made to be a nice, snug fit on a 12mm steel bar. We have designed these to have excellent stiffness so they don’t move around too much when you use them. A must-have for any smoker pit build.

Weld-On or Bolt-On Hinges


These hinges have been designed to be used as either bolt-on or weld-on configurations. Or you can use them as bolt-on hinges until you doors are finished and then weld-on to finish it off.

These hinges have stainless steel barrels and are contoured to pass over the door flange and site correctly on a 500mm diameter chamber. Thrust plates ensure you chamber door closes accurately each time and also allows them to be used in the vertical position (e.g. fire door).
$60.00 per pair.

Temperature Gauges


Our stainless steel temperature gauges are specifically made for smoker pits showing temperature ranges for smoking and roasting. Dual scales showing Celsius and Fahrenheit. Fitted simply to a 10mm drilled hole.